Forum Title: carpet in log cabin
customer wants his log cabin carpeted no problem, cept he does not want gaps where logs meet filled(with patch)(or underlayment) .any ideas ?i was thinking 3/4 round
Category: Carpet Post By: Kevin Anderson (Tampa, FL), 02/20/2019

Do you mean after you tuck the cpt wall to wall he doesn't want to see the 1 or so of concrete from the bottom log to the floor ? If that is what you are asking , I would just let the cpt cove up to it .. much nicer then 1/4 round ..

- CARRIE LAWSON (Sanford, FL), 04/15/2019

There was a time I did a number of log homes here. Unfortunately, those were before I carried a camera ever'where I went. Most of the time, this is what I did: Baseboard all around. Since the logs are round and usually slope back at the floor line or at the top of the base, I had to use fillers. The top I used square base and angled the part that touched the log so it looked like a shelf or really thick base. The bottom I just marked the floor where the base back would be and nailed a 1x1 filler stick so I could nail into it and prevent the base from being bumped and bent backward. It actually looked really nice and my customers liked it a lot. It made it much easier to clean too. I just charged for the time and material it took and it was a pretty good add-on. Jim

- CLINTON PADILLA (Glendora, CA), 04/28/2019

Here' another rustic solution I've used. Hemp rope, in whatever diameter you need. Looks cool in the right spot.

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), 05/07/2019

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