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Anyone install Masland contract carpet lately? In the instruction paper in the roll, it says to get 1-1% in the length, but snug tight in the width to prevent seam highlighting & peaking. It also says, over stretching the carpet in the width will increase the probability of seam peaking. They must have learned from all the guys I followed around restretching the widths after wrinkles appeared from only powerstretching the lengths and kicking the width, so they wouldn't get called back for a peaked seam. Instead I get called to go restretch buckles in the width. :help:
Category: Carpet Post By: JEANNE NUNEZ (Warner Robins, GA), 01/27/2019

Is it a standard ActionBac or something else? Anything different about it? Jim

- CLINTON PADILLA (Glendora, CA), 03/07/2019

Nothing real special, 8 pick actionbac. I believe it to be the same stuff Stephen was doing, where he couldn't get a row drawn through it, because of the small loop, looped around the bigger loop, Or loop entanglement. Here is the front, and the battery died in my cammera before I could get a good picture of the backing. My camera or my floppy disc is messed up and file errors the second and third pictures. It just started doing it.

- HELEN B (Los Angeles, CA), 04/16/2019

You know, this is one of the things I have always disagreed with. It has been my experience that carpet simply does not stretch as much in width as in length. I know things were different when I installed but I never had a problem with seam peaking. This was before 6 inch irons and I used a flat iron. I waited more than 20 seconds to stretch the carpet. I sometimes would have a return call for wrinkling (probably less than 5 in a decade of installations) but that was a simple restretch repair. I did always stretch the width, just not as much as in length. Some times simple truths get over looked by those forming standards. I also always stretched the length first and the width last. If the CRI standard had called for 1/2 to 1 percent in width stretches many carpets would have never peaked or wrinkled. Also I noted in my new copy of CRI 104 and 105 IICRC was involved in writing the standards. I think it is a mistake to have a cleaning organization involved with installation standards. Just my opinion Mike

- CARRIE LAWSON (New Haven, CT), 03/18/2019

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