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Mohawk makes it for their own stuff and their Karastan carpeting. They call it action back, but I call it the 'tarp' backing. On the Karastan, it has brown stripes. I am working with some that is just white with no stripes........... I am sure it's Mohawk. Backing looks like a high quality tarp. I't's been out for quite a wgile now........ just don't know what it's called. With this backing on the carpet I am working with, it's a little bit stiff............ partly because it's a thick, super dense plush, or saxony plush........... partly because of the backing. 29 stairs on this job ranging from 36 to 60 inches wide, 3 of them have a 9 inch diameter piling coming up through the center of them................. yes, yes, it's in an architects home. In the rooms, there are 8 more of them coming up through the floor. They are the support structure of the home............ actually, it's pretty cool. My brother and I did the original installation 26 years ago.................... no wrinkles...... not even on the steps. We good! (pat self on head) I find that the only way to make the stairs look right, is to install them one at a time. I work top to bottom. I hook the carpet on the tackstrip on the tread first, then hump the carpet upwards into a'tent' of sorts, and hit it from the underside with a hair dryer to soften the back. ................... then after a few minutes, with the carpet and pad warmed up nice, I use a stair stretcher and a stair tool to stretch it down onto two rows of tackstrip on the riser. If I tried to install this carpeting in the runner fashion like I usually do, the crotch of the step would look like crap............ one at a time is slow as all get out, but looks great. I R&R'd 8 stairs and a landing in 7 hours............. Including cleanup at the end of the day............ I like to leave the home in nice shape when I leave.......... 'specially on a weekend. #1 What's that backing called? #2 Do any of you guys ever resort to one stair at a time on a straight set of stairs?
Category: Carpet Post By: FELIX HIGGINS (Killeen, TX), 02/06/2019

For years when i was a sub , they used to measure so tight we had to cap and ban every step .. Never used a stair streacher Lo They do the trick ?

- LEO BREWER (Newark, OH), 05/04/2019

Only yesterday i fitted some stairs one by one, the reason for this is the customer wanted alternate colors (beige and terracotta) on each step. Never done anything like that before, but i gotta admit it looked very cool. Usually i would'nt do them one by one, but there are times when it is advisable.

- MIGUEL FULLER (Fullerton, CA), 04/12/2019

Nick Arrera said: ? For years when i was a sub , they used to measure so tight we had to cap and ban every step .. Never used a stair streacher Lo They do the trick ?Click to expand... Stairs have no overhang at all. I use my stair stretcher on most stairs. If it's el cheapo stretchy stuff, I can do it without the stretcher. I learned going from the top down anyway..... that's how a stair stretcher has to be used. Stair stretchers save the OLD body and make a stair tight. I have had this one for 18 years. Since I don't do carpet on stairs every day, I don't use it every day............ it's holding up fine............. it's me that I worry about.

- LENA HIGGINS (Pontiac, MI), 03/16/2019

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