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I did about 150 yards of flatweave in a basement a couple weeks ago. It was a double stick install. I taped all the seams. I used latex on most of them, solvent based on one and even thermo on one. I didn?t skimp on sealer yet every seam in the basement is fraying horribly. I actually put 3 different pieces of flatweave in the house, all Stanton I think. 2 of them seamed up beautifully, I?m only having problems on the cheapest piece with no secondary back. I ran a nice bead of sealer along the backing then worked it up in the yarn with my finger because I knew it was going to need something on the yarn itself to keep it from fraying but even that didn?t work. I did everything but pour the sealer on top of the seams. The customer is fairly easy to get along with. She was told the seams were going to show by the salesman and hadn?t even complained about them, I only saw how bad they looked when I went back Friday to put on some stairs. Her suggestion was to just bind the edges of the seams? Like I said, easy to get along with . Let?s call that a last resort though. I didn?t want to trim them up for fear of the wefts jumping through another warp and fraying out even farther from the seam. Is there anything I can do to seal the seam from the top and keep it from unraveling further without being a dirt magnet? I talked to the maid Friday and she said with all the construction down there she had been vacuuming 3 times a day with a beater bar vac :/. Which leads to another question. What kind of vacuum do you guys use to vacuum a piece of carpet like this? I know they aren?t supposed to use a beater bar, but I have no idea what to recommend. This was one of those jobs from hell. There were 20 people in the basement working on top of me, tracking glue across the carpet, and stepping on seams as I was making them. I chewed out the contractor and threatened bodily harm on an electrician (I totally lost my cool), but still couldn?t keep people off of the carpet. I literally nailed 2 doors to the basement shut to keep people from walking through my glue. I started the job on memorial day when no one was there, and by the time it got really ugly I had too much time invested in it to walk (I probably should have anyway).
Category: Carpet Post By: VICTOR PRICE (Lawrence, KS), 01/20/2019

Got a picture? David Hunt really helped me out with the last boucle I did. The chain stitch is the key, along with a pair of shears.

- ALICE PARKER (Torrance, CA), 05/04/2019

From your post, it sounds like your sealer application technique is in need of a revision. Got pictures? What's the surface fiber? Corrective options? Trim with barber clippers. It's a safe way to trim the stray fibers sprouting above the surface. Dobby

- TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 03/26/2019

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